Why Our Staff And Build Crews Are The Best In The Business

December 11, 2021

It All Starts With A Smile

As Greater Sarasota’s best design-build home remodeling contractor, you might think that we hire only the most skilled applicants to fill our positions, but you’d be wrong. Skills can be taught, personality, not so much. We’d rather take the time to teach a green kid with a sterling personality how to swing a hammer than risk sending a cranky, mean-spirited expert into our customer’s homes.

After all, one of the keys to our success, other than incredible designs, is that we give every client a pleasant, positive, and professional experience from beginning to end.

So, when we conduct an interview, we look for kindness over knowledge and friendly expressions over experience. We want to know if they’ll be able to successfully represent our company and its values. So the one thing every applicant must bring to their interview is a smile that reaches their eyes. No smile? No job.

First Impressions

As the saying goes, you never get a second chance at a first impression. As a company, we live and die by what a prospective client feels on that first contact. If our representative isn’t smiling on their end of the phone, it will show on the other side and make the caller uncomfortable. That, of course, is an unacceptable result.

That’s why we look for real smiles when we interview prospects to fill any of our positions. Yes, even for management. After all, managers have clients too — they’re called employees. And we don’t want them feeling uncomfortable either.

If there are skill gaps, we can fix that. Bad habits? We can fix those, too. What we can’t fix, however, is personality. You simply can’t teach friendly. Either it’s there, or it isn’t, and, to work for us, it has to be there.

No Short Timers

Our work crews are in and out of people’s homes all day long, and we can’t allow anyone who isn’t 100% invested in our company culture and values to enter a client’s home. If you just see us as a way to get a paycheck, don’t bother showing up for the interview.

We want people looking for a long-term career and a chance to move up in the company. They don’t have to be an expert in anything other than hard work and superb ethics. We’ll teach ‘em the rest. As far as we’re concerned, being inexperienced just means we won’t have to break any bad habits that you picked up working for one of our competitors.

Willingness To Learn

Once we bring our friendly, positive hire on board, we show them how to do things the GILBERT way.

It doesn’t matter if he has three months of experience or 30 years. We train new hires from the ground up in our meticulous, perfection-obsessed build methods.

As an example: MANY new cabinets come with unfinished bottoms, and most contractors are satisfied once the upper cabinets are hung correctly — but not us. We take the extra step of filling in that empty space with matching material to give the cabinets a smooth, finished look, even when looking up from the counter.

You see, we don’t just finish jobs — we complete them. And we leave no detail to chance in the process. So, our new hires have to be willing to accept a new level of excellence that they’ve probably never encountered anywhere else.

We Give Them Reasons To Stay

The skilled trades workforce has a reputation for moving from company to company, as one job is much like the next. Same pay, same hours, with minimal benefits being a rare perk.

We feel that it doesn’t help anyone (except maybe our competitors) to put so much energy and time into creating the perfect team only to have them move on. So we give our workers reasons to stick around.

We start by paying them what they’re worth, which is certainly more than the industry average. We follow that up with one of the most comprehensive benefits plans in the business.

We ask a lot of our workers. Our standards are more demanding than any they’d encounter at almost every other job site in the Greater Sarasota area, and they never fail to deliver on our promises. So, it just makes sense to reward them for their efforts, which goes beyond just good pay and generous bennies.

If they have a temporary issue in their lives and need some help, we are always willing to lend a hand. If they are involved in charitable efforts, we support them. After all, charity work runs deep in our hearts, too.

What we know, and what Richard Branson said so eloquently, is that if you take care of your workers, they’ll take care of your clients. Our crews prove this fact every single day.

If you need remodeling work on your home in the Greater Sarasota-Bradenton area and want to enjoy every step of the process, contact us at Gilbert Design Build to schedule a consultation.